Why asking for help is crucial when quitting alcohol

We were never meant to do stuff on our own. Look at our ancestors, they worked as a village, as a tribe. Each had their own job and task to do and these tended to be base upon their strengths and assets, what they were good at. One complimented the other for the good of the village. Those who were out there on their own did not survive. Look at top athletes or CEOs. They have teams of people surrounding them so they can be as successful as they can be. They have experts in every field each doing their job for the good of the whole.

Do not get me wrong, there are flaws in these systems, but you get my drift. There are very few really successful solos out there. But why is it we mums think we should and could do this on our own. All of it!!!! We take on job after job, role after role and think we can manage. We can juggle the tasks and the mental loads of it. Never feeling like we can do it all right. It is no wonder so many of us burn out and end up reaching for the wine at the end of the day.

Today I had a PT session and I asked for help. Help from someone who is paid to help, who knows exactly what he is talking about, who has studied this, been in the business for years and who is a fit, strong person themselves. He has all the experience and knowledge.

We spent time talking about me. What am I looking to achieve over the next few months, what are my goals, my strengths and the areas I need to work on. We made a plan around all of this and included in this the big races I have coming up. These might make strength training more difficult and we need to work around these as I will need to rest before and after the race, maybe do a lighter sessions so we can adjust my weights. He listens to what I need, but in the same sense does not listen to any of my BS. He can call me out on it, expose what is an excuse and what is legit. Instead, he knows what I am capable of, believes in me and holds me to account.

In fact, now I would never dream of going in to gym without a coach. I would never do it. They keep me going and help me avoid injury. Keep me on track and keep me facing towards my goals. So, why are we trying to do this all on our own ladies?

It does not have to be this way. Let’s ask for help, seek the advice, the knowledge and the experience. Let’s be called out on our BS. Let’s be supported through our struggles and let’s have our successes celebrated and screamed from the god damn roof tops!!!!!

It is exactly the same around alcohol. It can feel like another tough thing to do. Another nightmare to add to the list. How will you manage to do it on top of everything else? The truth is, it is making your list even harder to do and it is yet again something else you do not need to do on your own. Again, this is something else that is made so much easier when we just ask for help and the help is there. It is right here! Right here!

Asking for help, from a coach or a team and community is just like getting a PT. The experience, the knowledge, the support. Together we will work round those big events. Your events are not races, they are weddings, a work night out, your birthday!! We will draw on your strengths and help you get through those bits that you need that extra bit of support with. We will hold you to account and keep you facing those goals.

The coach, the team in your corner, we will be your village. Ladies, we need each other, we support each other, we deserve each other because we deserve more!

If you want someone on your team, check out our online community.

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