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A transformative journey!

Our 2 month alcohol free challenge is a transformative journey designed to empower you to explore the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle. This challenge is not just about abstaining from alcohol; it’s an opportunity to discover a renewed sense of well-being, clarity, and joy. Whether you’re considering a break from alcohol or aiming for a long-term shift in your habits, this challenge provides the support and resources you need to succeed.

alcohol free challenge
alcohol free challenge

This challenge is for you if you’re:

  • Ready to break free from the norms and explore the positive impact of an alcohol-free lifestyle
  • Seeking a supportive community to cheer you along the way
  • Looking for practical strategies, and a fresh perspective on the benefits of sobriety
  • Curious about the mental and physical benefits of going alcohol free
  • Want to boost your energy, or simply redefine your relationship with alcohol

After the challenge you will:

  • Experience a newfound sense of accomplishment and clarity as you navigate life without the influence of alcohol
  • Carry the lessons learned into a future marked by improved well-being, stronger connections, and a deeper understanding of the incredible possibilities that come with an alcohol-free lifestyle
  • Be equipped with the tools to understand your motivations and create lasting habits
alcohol free challenge
alcohol free challenge

You will have access to:

  • Two excellent alcohol free coaches who have been on their own alcohol free journeys and are well equipped and qualified to support you on yours
  • A supportive community of women who are on the same journey as you and ready to cheer you on!
  • Lessons 5 days a week, including reflections on alcohol & parenting, tips and tricks, coaching & journaling
  • A private facebook group where exercises, knowledge and research, can be accessed at a time which suits you and your family’s schedule

Practical info:

  • Our next challenge starts on the 8th of Jan and will last for 2 months
  • Once you have signed up, you will receive a link to join a facebook group where the challenge will take place
  • The price of £49.99 covers the entire 2 month challenge, after which you will be automatically enrolled to our monthly membership (£24.99 per month) where we will dive even deeper and continue our work together (You can cancel the membership anytime if you do not wish to continue)
  • Everyone who has completed the alcohol free challenge will get 10% off their first month in the membership.
  • The doors to the challenge will close on the 14th of Jan
alcohol free challenge

"I found the coaching so useful as I learned a lot about the impacts of alcohol and how they go far beyond the physical symptoms of a hangover. It’s been a complete mind shift for me and three months later I am still alcohol free."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"The most noticeable change for me is my stress levels are nowhere near what they used to be. I feel better abled in coping with all the demands that come with being a full time working mum of two young kids."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"The content of the challenge was great, with daily thought-provoking videos, an exclusive whatsapp group for challenge participants and a weekly zoom call to celebrate our successes and chat about any challenges we had through the week."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"Having accountability, support and daily encouragement gave me the strength to take a day at a time and push through. There was no judgment and nothing but acceptance, encouragement and love."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"I highly recommend, if you're not sure how to make a change....give it a go!! There's absolutely nothing to lose."

- Alcohol Free Mum

I am now coming 6 weeks sober and I am so proud of myself and the positive change I have made in my life. Determined to keep going next milestone 50 days and I know I will get there with Gillian’s support!

- Alcohol Free Mum