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We are Gillian Brown & Karen Long

We Help Mums Become & Stay Alcohol Free

Hi, I’m Gillian

I’m a Personal Life and Alcohol Free Coach for women and mums. I have a diploma in Positive Psychology and am a Practice Development Co-ordinator.

Together with Karen I run our circle, an online community for mums who want to become and stay alcohol free.

Get in touch with Gillian to arrange 1:1 Coaching at gillian@gbcoaching.net

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I started drink at the age of 12 down the local park. After years of being bullied this finally made me feel relaxed and like I fitted in.

The connections in my head started young. This seemed normal, everyone was doing it and my drinking remained “normal” as it progressed to house parties, local pubs, university and moving on to wine as I finally grew up and got the stressful job I had always been working towards.

All normal, right? Well, it felt normal until it really started catching up with me. Once my wee boy was born I really struggled with being a mum. I was not one of those “natural” mums and this transition did not come to me easily. Having lived a life of self-doubt, comparison and never ever feeling enough, taking on the role of motherhood might just have been the tipping point for me.

Anxiety arrived and it took over. But it was ok, I had the answer. Years of drinking had told me that alcohol was the answer to pretty much everything: a bad day, a good day, a funeral, a wedding, loneliness, low confidence, so it would work for this. NO, it could not. It all got worse and worse.

After a long time of going back and forth I finally made the connection between alcohol and my feelings and tried to take a break. I took many of these “breaks” with the help of One Year No Beer, but I kept returning to my old ways. Feeling amazing when I did not drink and terrible again when I did. Eventually the bar swung and I realised I had to make the call once and for all. What a relief.

When I finally decided to quit altogether all the pieces clicked together. I was able to start seeing the consistent benefits and opportunities in all areas of my life, most importantly my parenting. I was showing up for myself and for my child. When I stopped drinking I found all this time, physical and mental, so I started learning. Learning about human behaviour, about alcohol and about myself and this all led to me wanting to help other people, other mums get out of the horrible situation I had found myself in. I knew that is what I wanted to do. I needed to help other mums.

And then, while training to be a coach I met Karen. Straight away we clicked and knew that our hopes were shared by each other, and we had to create something special. Our circle was born.

Hi, I’m Karen

I’m a qualified Alcohol Free Coach to women and mums. I have trained in Positive Psychology and Emotional Freedom Technique. I use these tools to navigate myself and clients through life.

Together with Gillian I run our circle, an online community for mums who want to become and stay alcohol free.

Get in touch with Karen to arrange 1:1 Coaching at karenbrasier00@hotmail.com

Read Karen's Journey

I introduced myself to alcohol aged 14. I was the ultimate 90s tomboy, who loved her bands, football and lived in DM boots. Although I always had friends, I never really felt comfortable in my own skin. Alcohol gave me the confidence to overcome the anxiety I felt every day.

After meeting my husband and having my 2 beautiful boys, I still couldn’t silence those feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem and unworthiness. Alcohol was my escape and with the added stresses of being a Mum, my reliance on a glass of wine as a coping mechanism became even more prevalent.

I first quit drinking alcohol in 2019, after one binge too many, I knew that something had to change. I worked on my fitness and noticed how much more energy I had, how I slept better and how much more present I was. After 18 months I figured I had it sorted, so I re-introduced myself to my old friend wine, surely I could moderate now and it would all be grand? Of course, I soon reverted to my old patterns.

In Dec 2021 I made the decision that the booze needed to go for good. I knew all the physical benefits, but this time I would do things differently. I invested in myself, I worked hard to understand my anxiety, to finally put the ghosts of my past to rest. I also found my tribe including Gillian! No longer was I the only sober one, I found a whole group of people that felt how I did, that got it!

I went on to train in Positive Psychology, Alcohol free coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique. I now use these tools to navigate myself and clients through life.

As a Mum, I never had time for myself. I thought it would be selfish to address my own needs. A well earned glass of wine was all the reward I thought I needed, until I realised the truth. By dedicating that time to invest authentically in myself and working on my own wellbeing, the benefits to my family are incredible.

Now with Gillian, we are here to share our new world with you, because when it comes down to it, it’s simple… you deserve more!

"I found the coaching so useful as I learned a lot about the impacts of alcohol and how they go far beyond the physical symptoms of a hangover. It’s been a complete mind shift for me and three months later I am still alcohol free."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"The most noticeable change for me is my stress levels are nowhere near what they used to be. I feel better abled in coping with all the demands that come with being a full time working mum of two young kids."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"The content of the challenge was great, with daily thought-provoking videos, an exclusive whatsapp group for challenge participants and a weekly zoom call to celebrate our successes and chat about any challenges we had through the week."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"Having accountability, support and daily encouragement gave me the strength to take a day at a time and push through. There was no judgment and nothing but acceptance, encouragement and love."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"I highly recommend, if you're not sure how to make a change....give it a go!! There's absolutely nothing to lose."

- Alcohol Free Mum

I am now coming 6 weeks sober and I am so proud of myself and the positive change I have made in my life. Determined to keep going next milestone 50 days and I know I will get there with Gillian’s support!

- Alcohol Free Mum