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Alcohol Free Community

A supportive community!

The membership is a community of like-minded women, dedicated to your transformative journey towards alcohol free well-being and self-discovery. Here, we go beyond the surface and dive into the depths of personal growth, offering coaching and exploration that centers around your values, authenticity, and the vision you have for yourself. As you embark on this journey, taking a break from alcohol becomes a powerful catalyst for clearing your senses and paving the way for a profound transformation.

You can choose to join the membership directly, or join us on one of our alcohol free challenges first – it’s up to you!

alcohol free challenge
alcohol free challenge

This is for you if you’re:

  • Ready to embark on a transformative journey towards their your best self

  • Seeking more than just a break from alcohol and are eager to explore deeper aspects of personal growth

  • Navigating a life transition, looking to reconnect with your core values, or aspire to become the person you’ve always envisioned

  • Realise that there is no need to go on this journey alone and are looking for a supportive community to cheer you on and share in your wins along the way

As a member you will have access to:

  • A community space providing support for women who previously felt alone, exhausted and misunderstood, allowing them to connect to each other so they learn to accept themselves.
  • Two excellent alcohol free coaches who have been on their own alcohol free journeys and are well equipped and qualified to support you on yours
  • Lives and video lessons 3 times a week, weekly zoom connections, guest speakers, our circle book club, additional 1:1 coaching and EFT if required.
our circle alcohol free mums challenge
our circle online community for alcohol free mums

Practical info:

  • Once you have signed up you will get immediate access to our community facebook group where all the learning will take place.
  • Membership to Our Circle can continue for as long as you enjoy the community support and learning and can be concluded whenever you feel you have come full circle and realised that you deserve more.
  • You can join our membership directly or via one of our alcohol free challenge.

"I found the coaching so useful as I learned a lot about the impacts of alcohol and how they go far beyond the physical symptoms of a hangover. It’s been a complete mind shift for me and three months later I am still alcohol free."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"The most noticeable change for me is my stress levels are nowhere near what they used to be. I feel better abled in coping with all the demands that come with being a full time working mum of two young kids."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"The content of the challenge was great, with daily thought-provoking videos, an exclusive whatsapp group for challenge participants and a weekly zoom call to celebrate our successes and chat about any challenges we had through the week."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"Having accountability, support and daily encouragement gave me the strength to take a day at a time and push through. There was no judgment and nothing but acceptance, encouragement and love."

- Alcohol Free Mum

"I highly recommend, if you're not sure how to make a change....give it a go!! There's absolutely nothing to lose."

- Alcohol Free Mum

I am now coming 6 weeks sober and I am so proud of myself and the positive change I have made in my life. Determined to keep going next milestone 50 days and I know I will get there with Gillian’s support!

- Alcohol Free Mum