Why mums drink

There is no easy way to break this news, being a Mum is hard! Putting everyone else’s needs above our own and juggling endless to-do lists is not easy.  

Yet mummy-wine culture has taught us that by finding solace in our well-earned reward we are all in this together. The reality is we feel isolated, alone and exhausted, but it says, “this is normal, this is how WE cope. This glass of wine is what you deserve!” As women we long to feel part of a tribe, we want to be good-enough, just like all the other Mums. Constantly seeking reassurance so we aren’t on our own, so we just go along with it. 

Clever marketing strategies play on our vulnerabilities – embrace this lifestyle and you’ll be like all the other Mums. Telling us anxiety and feeling wrung out just comes with the territory and the counter solution comes in their attractively packaged bottle to be enjoyed with your feet up as the stress and chaos just ebbs away. Except the truth is, you rarely stop at one, desperately trying to recreate that first dopamine hit with more than the one you just promised yourself. You go to bed feeling frustrated and guilty, you sleep only a couple of hours and get up the next morning exhausted. Just to add to it, now the alcohol has knocked you even more, you feel edgy and shameful. Thinking other Mums don’t feel this way! Why is it I can’t even get that right, I can’t even drink like them?

The mummy-wine culture even goes as far to say our kids are the reason we drink! They are the stress that means we need that solution.  

What message does that send? Not only are they the reason for our stress but that alcohol is the only way to deal with it! We are teaching them to bury their thoughts, mask their feelings and fix it with a poison which is becoming the societal norm.

Too many Mums are feeling isolated, trapped in a cycle of shame, overwhelm and guilt. Disconnected from their kids, not daring to speak out for fear of judgement. When inside they just want it all to stop.  

The noise, the cycle, all they crave is some peace. Enjoying a glass or 2 of wine is portrayed as fun. But the fun tops being fun when the sense of shame created by this culture keeps you quiet and fearful.  

It’s only when you take that step, remove yourself from it, break the cycle, take that break, you feel those benefits, that you start to understand the lies that alcohol has been telling you and your kids.  Then it all changes!!! You can’t unsee it. There is another way. 

If you are looking for support to take that break, our next alcohol-free challenge starts on 15th April. Why not come along and see how we can support you with that empowering change?

Our free masterclass is running on 10th April at 7pm, register today via the button below.

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