Welcome to our new workshop series, designed to support you to have the unshakeable confidence to give up alcohol by removing the beliefs, fears, overwhelm and conditioning that are placed on all of us.

By the end of the series you’ll feel totally capable, prepared, inspired and excited to begin your journey.

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These workshops are for you if…

  • You are a mum who is sober curious and/or aware that alcohol is not helping you
  • Feel alone and unable to talk to anyone because whilst you see others on social media going sober you don’t know anyone else who’s actually managing it
  • Detest how alcohol affects you but do not know how else you would relax, socialise, celebrate or switch-off meaning you keep opening that bottle of wine because you don’t know what else to do and end up staying stuck in that rut.
  • Feel sick about your current drinking pattern, but worry that giving up alcohol would be an impossible task meaning you stay in the vicious cycle of drinking, feeling rubbish and drinking again.
  • Dread the idea of continuing drinking, but worry people will think you are BORING AS FUCK  if you stop. You worry might not be invited to things because what others think of you and this is more important than how you value and look after yourself
  • Feel stuck in a limbo between hating what you are doing right now and can’t stand the idea of changing it, meaning you’re fed up, frustrated and constantly criticising yourself and then probably losing your shit over the littlest of things
  • Worry about trying to change and failing because it would be yet another thing to feel like you can’t do and at times you feel like is this all there is to life – is this it?
  • Feel alone and unable to talk to anyone because whilst you see others on social media going sober you don’t know anyone else who’s actually managing it

And you want to:

  • Get out of this cycle and pull your brave girl pants on and take action meaning your sleep improves, energy increases and you suddenly feel much calmer
  • Feel supported and encouraged to make the change that you know deep down is right for you because you know there’s more to life for you and family than this – you know you deserve to feel good and you want to have more time to do the things you want to do 
  • Know more about what giving up alcohol would mean for you and start feeling better about yourself now meaning you can see what a life without alcohol would look like, feel like, be like – what would you be doing with your time, how can you manage your family/social relationships without alcohol meaning you’d have the confidence to comfortably set boundaries and FEEL good about them 
  • TOTALLY believe that giving up alcohol is not only possible but absolutely the right thing to do by seeing results and the impact it could have on you by noticing changes in your health, appearance, parenting and wealth (imagine how much money you’d save!) 
  • See giving up alcohol as an opportunity you will benefit from and enjoy in every part of your life meaning rather than believing you couldn’t live with alcohol you might start to believe how could you have ever lived with it and feel excited about an alcohol free life 

Here’s the thing…

Any change is scary and difficult.

We know that something we have been doing for years can feel like a part of who we are.

We know that even when we want to do something that is good for us and the right thing to do, it is the idea of change itself that is harder to get over.

We know that our chimp brain will take us to look at a monumental task and try to put us off, when in reality we can and should take things bit by bit, step by step and then we are way more likely to succeed.

That’s what we want to help you with.

What you’ll get

The New You Series will break it all down for you.

We will be looking at alcohol, its effects and the challenges around it in bitesize sections so you can drill down to the bits that really affect you.

You will gain a better understanding, access support and make a plan that suits you, making the whole process of taking a break from alcohol feel accessible and achievable and EXCITING (YES – we said it!).

Dates & info

Friday 7th June 11am
The New You: Improve your Sleep, Energy and Motivation to become the Woman you want to be

Friday 28th June 11 am
The New You: How to own your story and be rock solid in your Alcohol Free Boundaries

Starts Monday 8th July
The New You: Join our membership for 1 week and just see what you can become

Wednesday 10th July 7pm
The New You: Create Your Unstoppable Routines

These workshops will take place on zoom.
Registration is free, but necessary.