Reflections on 2 years alcohol free

As I approach my two-year alcohol-free anniversary this weekend I am naturally reflecting on the journey I have made.

There is so much change I consciously made. Not only upping sticks and moving for a better suited life, but making changes in my career too.

However, the biggest change I have seen is in myself. My thoughts, my outlook, how I deal with things. My life used to feel chaotic. I was a busy working mum trying to spin all the plates whilst never really understanding what I truly needed.

Two years on, I’m busier than ever. I still work full time. And I’m juggling the boys, plus coaching through Our Circle. But I understand myself more. I know what I need, and when I need it. I have balance. I find inner calm. I am at peace.

I no longer battle with myself and waste precious time and energy worrying about everything that alcohol used to bring. I allow myself time for rest and when I do I feel revitalised. It’s a pure rest, not alcohol induced slumber that never repaired my mind or body. I push myself when it feels right to do so. Learning, developing, enjoying new experiences.

I’m not saying for one moment life is perfect, but when a curveball hits, which invariably it does, I feel better equipped to handle it. My first thought isn’t to drown my sorrows or de-stress with a glass of wine. I can think logically or feel intuitively about what I really need, whether it’s a long walk in the fresh air, a chat with a friend, a nap, or sometimes just a large slice of cake!

I know that all these will leave me feeling better about the situation than wine did. Here’s to the next two years and beyond, and a life well lived.

If you want more, check out our online community, where we support each other on our alcohol free journeys!

I hope to see you there!

– Karen

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