Dealing with anxious thoughts when you’re alcohol free 

Today I had to have an MRI scan. My rational brain knows this is a perfectly safe procedure that thousands of people have every single day. However, my overactive, anxious brain pushed me fully into fight/flight mode. For the past few days, I just kept going on an ongoing loop that I would have a full-blown panic attack in the scanner, I just couldn’t move past it.

In my drinking days, this would have pushed me into a deeper spiral too. The fear and apprehension I was experiencing would have caused me to drink more on the days leading up to the appointment. I would have convinced myself that I needed to drink to steady my nerves, to block out the feelings of overwhelm about the situation and that somehow the wine would help me to do that!

What it would do in fact was increase my anxiety and irrational thoughts, stop me from sleeping properly ahead of the scan, meaning I would be even more fraught. And most importantly, it would stop me reaching out for the actual support I needed, which was to tackle this fear head on.

So, what I actually did was arrange a tapping (EFT) session from a very good friend and fellow coach. I worked through my issue and practised the coping strategies I have learned throughout my alcohol free and wellbeing journey.

It is not easy facing your fears, it can be incredibly daunting, but the reward is immense. I can proudly say I managed to get through the whole hour in the scanning machine, without that very visual premonition of panic attack becoming a reality. I learned more about my inner strength and what works for me in moments of high stress. I leant into the super power of being alcohol free.

If you are on an alcohol free journey and want support, join our free masterclass designed to help you to better understand and navigate your triggers and cravings and take control of your alcohol-free journey. You will also have the opportunity to meet a supportive community of like-minded individuals, engage in open discussions and share insights.

– Karen

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