How I approached quitting alcohol

I now approach the gym like I approached going alcohol free in the early days.

The Accountability

Book in to a class, tell people I am going to be there.  This is my accountability.   In the early days I would write down I was going to be alcohol free, I would message in to my accountability Pod.  I would say it out loud. Be accountable. It’s like a wee safety blanket. Also, as humans we hate losing face so this really acts as a preventative measure. We never want to look like a let down

The Plan

I pay the membership up front and book in to a class. I know what classes I am going to weeks in advance. I know what exercise or group of exercises I am going to focus on for each block.  When going alcohol free I had a plan. I knew what alcohol free drinks were an option. I knew what time I would leave the party. I knew what I would do if I felt the fancy to have a drink. I had a plan A,B & C

The coach

Coaches are the best. They are the experts, reminding me of my form, my technique. They have the experience and knowledge and they can spot my bullshit a mile off. At the gym my coach knew I could go up more and he pushed me.  Thanks to him I got a greater PB than I had planned. The same applies to going alcohol free! Coaches have the experience and the training.  They have lessons to teach and success to share.  A coach can be an individual, a group or a tribe.

The Like-minded people

I am surrounded by people who are all as mad as each other, ha!!! No seriously, they all want to get up early in the morning and work on themselves. All want to be tested and pushed and therefore we all push each other. After this PB they said well done and shared in my success as I do theirs because we all just get it. This is how important a tribe is. Surround yourself with people who want the same as you.  Who want you to do well and you want the best for them.

Do these actions set out above and you will see progress, you will feel yourself becoming alcohol free, you will feel yourself becoming stronger .

If you want someone on your team, check out our online community.

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