Navigating social settings without alcohol: tips and strategies

This can be tough so the best thing you can do is have a plan. Do not go into an event that you used to drink at and where you know there will be drinks involved unprepared. Here are our top tips to get you through these events and ready for success.

First of all, know that you do not need to go

If it is too early to be around alcohol just say No. One of the greatest joys in giving up alcohol is learning what you like and what you do not like instead of just following the crowd. If you have got to the point that you want to give up alcohol for whatever reason: it is an issue; a problem or you have another goal that it is getting in the way of then you can make other decisions that will support that. And, if that is to not go on a night out then do not go. It is not the end of the world to miss one day or night out and once you have got a few more days under your belt and feel more confident in your alcohol-free skin you can and will go out a lot more. Just say no!

And if you do go, it is all about the prep before it. 

Tell people or at least someone that you are not drinking before you get there. Send a text or make a call and take the edge of it before you arrive. If you can deal with any questions or people trying to tempt you to change your mind before you actually get there then that will make the initial entry and first round of drinks so much easier

Plan your outfit ahead of the day. The last thing you want is to be stressed out because nothing fits or looks like you imagined. Remember, stress is a big trigger so we want to avoid it as much as possible. Get to all set out so all you have to do is get dressed and you are good to go

Look ahead to alcohol-free alternatives and know what you are going to order. Again, this is all about the plan. You want this first drink to be the easiest you order all night so you are off to a flying start. So, if you know what is available, make your decision and if need be practice what you will say for that order and in response to anyone asking why you are not drinking. You want this to roll of the tongue as any wee niggling doubt is where we can slip up 

Set yourself a time to leave. You do not need to be there all night or be the last one standing. Especially in the beginning, an appearance is all that is needed and after a certain point people will not even notice if you sneak off, they’ll be too interested in their next drink. Just know your limit and set off. Home to bed at a decent time with all your belongings, dignity and self-respect intact. No drama, no fall-out, no regrets. 

And finally, make a plan to do something nice and rewarding the next morning. This is where you will reap the benefits. When the group WhatsApp is going wild with people wondering what happened last night, how they got home and how ill they are you can be out a gorgeous walk, making a lovely breakfast, seizing the day feeling hangover-free and smug. This is the feeling that will propel you towards success knowing that the next night out will be easier and the one after that will be easier again.

Try and not overthink it, just try it out. Follow these steps and do get in touch to tell us about your alcohol-free events and how you have found them, we’d love to know!

P.S. Our next alcohol-free challenge starts on 15th April. Our free masterclass is running on 10th April at 7pm, register today via the button below.

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