Debunking mummy wine culture

We were recently invited to be guests on the “From Mess to Success” Podcast where we discuss about our mission to debunk the mummy wine culture. We talk about societal pressures to drink and the many benefits of going alchol free. If you want to find out more, have a listen!

Episode summary:

“In this episode, we step into the world of Karen Long & Gillian Brown.

Both Karen & Gillian are Alcohol-Free mums and are on a mission to debunk the mummy wine culture.

This current culture is imposed upon us by society and encourages mums to use Alcohol to de-stress from their kids, to unwind with wine after a long day and to make us believe that it’s okay to do that. Well, Karen and Gillian are saying it’s not ok and why should it be? They have called time on the marketing and societal pressures that encourage this behaviour which can lead to significant lifestyle issues and further problems associated with Alcohol.

Through changing their own relationship with Alcohol on the journey of motherhood, Karen and Gill and now coaching other mums that they can too, change their relationship with Alcohol and lead a better life by being the best mums they can be.

We discuss the ‘Why’s of debunking the wine culture, society’s pressures on mums to drink and all the benefits of being an Alcohol-Free mum.

Enjoy.. “

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