Counting your alcohol free days

I love it. It is a right wee motivational boast. Even now at those big numbers I used to dream of, I still do it. I look out for the cool ones, like today: 3 years, 2 months, 1 day!!!!!

Some people in the beginning think it is odd. You must have a real problem if you know exactly when you had your last drink, some might think or say.  

But not me, I know people who are doing a running challenge and count all the days they are running, all the miles they have clocked up for charity. People know the date they went Vegan. Why would this challenge be any different? It is something to be proud of as it is a challenge. Do not forget what you are doing is so damn hard.  

Also, let’s look at it as a motivating factor. For example, if you are sat Day 6 and you are struggling that night. You are thinking you could really go for a drink. But tomorrow would be Day 7, a whole week, well that might just be the thing that swings it and keeps you on the straight and narrow as you would love to say you have done a whole week without drinking.   All of a sudden a wee competition begins inside your head. 

This is why people say this story is yours and yours alone. The exact same can be said on Day 9, you would love to get to double digits, and then Day 27 means you could get to 28 days tomorrow and be 4 weeks Alcohol Free! Can you imagine that feeling? This just keeps going and before you know it you are at Day 99 aiming for triple digits tomorrow and you are still not drinking. 

Counting your days can really spur you on, so I say download an app and get counting. I use “I am Sober” and it is free. Another fantastic tool in your Alcohol Free Toolbox that we are helping you build here at Our Circle.

Even if you do have a slip up and have a drink on Day 11 say, well next time around you are aiming for Day 12. You see what I mean, just one more day. Your own competition with you can start really working in your favour. Chase the wins.

Plus, the celebrations are good fun too. Setting smaller targets and celebrating are a great way to keep going. Today we are all too often focusing on the negatives. It is about time you start celebrating each and every win. The sense of reaching a goal and feeling the achievement is what breeds more progress. So, get counting and watch those days start adding up.

If you want to join our alcohol free community, the doors for our next intake open on the 30th of October. You can sign up to the waitlist below. See you there!

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