Change can be scary

Change is an odd thing, isn’t it. We can long for change. Sick of the way things are. The same old routine that gets us down. The weight that we hate, the hangovers that destroy us, the relationship that does not allow us to flourish.

But at the same time, it feels comfortable, we know what to expect and what is coming. That familiar feeling, even if we do not like it, it feels safe somehow. Maybe even like an old familiar friend who you can’t really be bothered seeing anymore and do not have anything in common with, but you just keep meeting up with them anyway and moaning about it because that is what you have always done.

We can want change so badly. We want something to stop, something to start, but it is the process of changing that fills us with fear and uncertainty.

How hard will it be? Will it be worth it? The unknown. Like that new boss. They are going to come in and shake things up.  What will they be like? Even though they might transform the place for the better, it is that unknown that is so, so scary. So, instead of embracing it, we will just sit back and hate him/her for a bit.

So, we sit in it. We sit with the way things are for now. For another few weeks/month of unhappiness, of lack, of frustration, and of hating ourselves because we also hate the fact that we cannot make any difference in our lives. This is a vicious cycle. It keeps going and going until, guess… You finally take some action!

You see that is the problem with change. It is the thought of it that is scary. We think and think about it and build it up even more. We think about it in its entirety. As a great big, massive thing. When you know all it actually needs is action.

So, try this. Whatever it is you want to change, just forget about the whole thing, put that to one side, just for a second and take one action.

One step. A tiny step. Something so small that you cannot fail. So small that you won’t avoid it. So small it is so easy and it is something you can do today, not tomorrow, today!

Make a call, open up the laptop, write an email, put on your trainers, cook one healthy meal.  Whatever your change is, take one tiny action. And then tomorrow take another tiny action and another and another.

Stop focusing on the idea of the two stone weight loss, of the new dream job, the stopping drinking, going back to uni. And do one small thing today.

All those tiny actions will lead to the goal before you know it. Tiny steps lead to change.  They just do it without all the fear and worry and anxiety. Please let us know how you got on. We would love to hear about your tiny action and big success!

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